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Friday, January 30, 2009

Test Results (Blog 2)

Classic Hodgkins Lymphoma
Today (Tuesday) I went back to my doctor for more lab tests and to get the results of my PET scan. There were no surprises: we knew I had malignant lymph nodes in my chest and neck but no spreading elsewhere (yee ha!--confirmed Stage II). My bloodwork is low for a "normal," healthy person, but in the "as good as can be expected" range for a cancer patient in the cycle round of chemo. My allergic bleomycin reaction has made it impossible to treat using that component of chemo so they're just leaving it out altogether which should only compromise my remission by an additional 5% or so. My treatment is cumulative, which means that the chemo and its effects build up over time, so it's sort of a get-worse-to-get-better type of thing. My doctor has prepared me for my blood counts and side effects to get worse throughout treatment. One round at a time….

My next chemo is scheduled for Wednesday, October 1st and it will definitely go smoother than the last one without the bleo reaction!

Thank you so much for your kind words, well wishes, and heartfelt prayers. I am truly blessed. And FYI: My future updates will assuredly be more succinct and less rambling


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